A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好) – Chapter 1

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Untitled.pngComrade Old Chen, aka my dad, formally retired February of this year. Old Chen who had been doing hard labour his whole life couldn’t sit still after just spending half a month idling at home. It so happened that the Senior Citizen’s club in our town was recruiting members, so off he went. Once he got there, he then found out that his 50-something age was considered the young backbone in the Senior Citizen’s club where the average age was 70. Because of that, Old Chen’s passion from long ago was ignited. Every day, he’d be pedalling his bike towards the club to organize their recreational activities. This kind of passion, is the kind that has been burning for years.

It’s just that his passion also hasn’t been burning for quite some time, and had only given him an initial show of strength for the first few years. This old…

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Manila International Book Fair 2016

Manila International Book Fair or also known as MIBF  slated on Sept. 14-18 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City which host and make available books, novels, classics that were once crowdfunded or self-published.


Luckily, I was able to go and experience something like this that only happened once a year. Kudos to my friends who came with me as we bond through books and art!

Things we bought

x George Martin’s Game of thrones.

x Abbey Sy’s ABC’s of Hand Lettering, ABC’s of Journaling,

x Fallenbabybubu’s Lana’s List,

x Zig Brush Pen.

| Tote bag from Summit Media’s Corner limited edition for those who purchased 800 php and above ; personally made by Abbey Sy.  

so here are some pics I took when we went to MOA’s seaside


Picture credits; on me


hopefully we will come back next year to experience once again this wonderful event. And make new memories as we will soon separate our ways when we graduated high school. This is one of my life’s highlight that I will never forget. ( of course, when you’re surrounded with thousands of books and art materials. my safe haven )



x Mau


I know that it’s game over

but my love for you is not over.


why does my heart keep on beating

for you who left me hanging.




why does my mouth keep on speaking

words that I know you won’t be hearing.


why does my lips keep on smiling

even though my heart is shattering.


why does my eyes keep on weeping

every time I see you sleeping.


why do I feel this emotions

towards you who has other intentions.


why do I fell in love

to the person who fell out of love.


-Mau | 09/04/16/ ; 5:11 pm |






Revenge is for the weak
Who happens to cry for a week.
The person whom they seek
Is the person who rarely speak.

Remember you’re gifted
Not a person who’s taken for granted.
Don’t even try to avenge
They treat life like a challenge.

Someday they will realize
That those are just real lies.
Never forget the past
And make your success fast.

Revenge isn’t for me
Although you’d done things to me.
Someday you’ll see
I’m standing proud with glee.

I’m not the same weak person anymore
So never try for more.

-Mau | 09/3/16 ; 7:06 pm |